APM Fitness


Brett W.

I started using Ahmeds program just about two months ago and since I've started I've really enjoyed the progress that I've experienced! His workouts are easy to follow and difficult and very customized and for me have personally been yielding amazing results! Since starting with him I'm up about 10 pounds and I've seen significant increases in my endurance which was my main goal as well as weight increases on my squat bench and dead lift!His program application is easy to use and keeps track of everything for you I would recommend his services again and again he even hook you up with discounts on supplements to help fuel the beast! Check out his system if you want to change up your training and see new results


Markus E.

Whenever I'm unsure about which exercise to do to get the most out of a work out, Ahmed has the perfect set up of a workout plan. He has professional, science based workouts that get you the pump you're looking for. If you're looking for a personal trainer / coach, he is your man, 10/10 would recommend!


Lawrence F.

I'm definitely not a novice at lifting weights. My dad was a competitive power lifter in his day and got me working out at an earlier age and taught me a lot then as well. Then in my early 20's I got pretty religious with the gym and my diet which got me in the best shape of my life. The life happened and I let shit get the best of me which took me away from the gym completely for a few years losing all gains. Getting back in shape this year was one of my goals and I started on the path again which was good, but I was finding motivation hard and keeping myself accountable harder.. so even though I know everything I SHOULD be doing, I wasn't doing it. That's why I signed up for a 90-day transformation challenge with Ahmed after I had been following his fitness journey online. He was wanting to build his personal training business and I like supporting friends first so decided to message him to see if signing up with him would be the right decision. 

3.5 weeks in I lost 10-solid-pounds thanks to that guy. And I wasn't in the gym as often as he wanted me to be, but I was staying as strict with my diet that he gave me as I could and that alone has been working. His insight into what is working and what hasn't has been bang-on every time as well. I'm exactly 1-month into this challenge and down 11.5lbs, but my strength in the gym is coming back, stamina is way up and overall feel so much better. Stoked to see what this guy is going to help me achieve within the next couple months! 


Brendan P.

Ahmed has been a fabulous trainer. During covid the gyms were closed and I recently built my own gym. He has programs that cater towards what ever needs you have. For example the type of workouts, what your goals are, what equipments you have and how long you want each workouts to take. He also checks up on you regularly to make sure you are meeting your goals and if you have any bumps on the road. Having him as my trainer really keeps me in check by staying consistent and I've noticed weekly muscle gains. The app that he has us use is great because it has an option where you can chat with him whenever. One day I'll catch up to him, but the main focus is to push and better myself each day.


Dylan S.

After many years of strength training your coaching made me realize how big of a difference there is between just going to the gym, and actually following a personalized program. I can feel the progress with every workout.


Brittany P. 


I’m going to preface this by saying that I specifically chose Ahmed to be my coach because I knew him for an entire year prior and had some amazing conversations. He had always been friendly and I felt comfortable around him. I also wasn’t expecting much more than for him to give me some knowledge and tell me what to do to even out my body. I didn’t have much guidance when I first started training and was simply told to use compound movements. 

Yes, he helped me in the areas of fitness I was lacking… but I got so much more than I had expected. As someone with a prior eating disorder, it was one of my weakest points to confess that tracking calories and macros had been what made me slide backwards. I became a little obsessed, but with eating more and more. And I snapped when I had to think about eating before the gym. Yet, this amazing coach stayed up late to listen and understand.”


“There’s a saying: “Often we don’t listen to understand, but to reply.” I’ve seen coaches that blame their athlete’s for setbacks and was scared. He defied this saying. He was in my corner, helping me the whole time: Giving me the freedom to be vulnerable without judgement, showing compassion and kindness. There really aren’t words to fully explain the type of impact he leaves with his coaching. A genuine leader. I aspire to be similar.


Thank you, my coach and friend. 🫂

Ashley S. 


I signed up for Ahmed’s program and I’m hooked! 

In just four weeks I can’t even believe the results I have, I feel good, I look good and I actually have a healthy relationship with food now.

Before I started the program I had felt intimidated and nervous about signing up to a gym to use equipment I’ve never used. Ahmed was so kind and encouraging and offered to work out with me for the first bit to get me in there and feeling confident and that helped me so much! 

I’m so thankful for that.

I think one of the best things about Ahmed is that he really truly cares about your success and your results.

He wants to see you win, wants to see you confident and that in turn gives you the drive to really care as well.

He checks in and supports you wherever he can and has your back whenever you have any questions 100%.

In four weeks I have the results of the goals I had told him I wanted and I’m super stoked to see the results in a couple months from now, as I can’t imagine not having him for a coach on my fitness journey. 

I highly suggest Ahmed and his program, super easy to use and just love that each week I know exactly what I’m going into the gym to do.


Mike M. 

Choosing Ahmed as my personal trainer was one of the best decisions I've made. Unfortunately I work a complicated schedule that is constantly changing nights, days all nighters etc. Even with my ever changing schedule Ahmed has takin the time to procure suitable training regimes that work for my lifestyle. Even more so he listens and makes adjustments to the work out plans  according to your capabilities and body type that will leave a sweaty mess on the floor. But I wouldn't want it any other way haha. Not once have I regretted choosing Ahmed to be my guy. Might I add he truly does take the time to motivate his clients which huge for me.  So you should probably give him a shout ASAP haha